At Co-op Initiatives, we start with each person's vision of independence to create homes that are more than just a place to live.

Our housing cooperatives are made up of diverse families. Co-ops offer an informal, unpaid support network for people with disabilities and provide affordable housing in suburban communities in Greater Hartford.

Co-op Initiatives also administers the Connecticut Home of Your Own Program. This program makes home ownership more available to people with disabilities. A limited amount of funds are also available for down payment assistance and modifications for accessibility through our Home Buyer Assistance Program.

Working on behalf of people with severe and/or multiple disabilities, the Alternative Housing Group is a grassroots group challenging the status quo about who "qualifies" to live independently. They are administering testing the use of personal managers to coordinate services on behalf of individuals. Alternative Housing Group members are also leaders in the statewide Olmstead Coalition.

We also provide ongoing support as needed through our Independent Living Program. This includes information and referral, personal futures planning, advocacy, and intensive support to people living in housing cooperatives and buying a home through the Home of Your Own Program. Staff also work with regional independent living centers to identify housing solutions and develop new options.

The Accessible Housing Registry is a new initiative to link people with accessibility needs to apartments that meet those needs. It provides an internet-based resource for both property owners and tenants.

People thrive in communities that are built with their needs in mind. Since 1988, Co-op Initiatives has developed housing options that meet the range of needs identified by people with disabilities in Connecticut.


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