Our housing cooperatives are designed to meet the needs of diverse families.

Co-ops offer a community-focused housing model centered on its residents, involving them throughout the design phase, the construction period, and after occupancy in the management process.

Families that need affordable housing can find attractive and reasonably-priced options in suburban Greater Hartford. People with disabilities often find an informal, unpaid support network
and accessible housing.

Housing Cooperatives at a Glance:

  • Managed by residents through a co-op association;

  • Residents make small investment in the corporation, which owns the co-op;

  • "sweat" equity in the form of construction labor, and/or cash equity payments;

  • In exchange for investment, each resident receives:

  • lifetime right to occupy the units,

  • one voting share in the cooperative,

  • ability to participate in co-op decision-making.

Housing Cooperatives

Phone: 860-724-4940

Fax: 860-724-7102

Email:  info@coopinit.org

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