As ADAPT organizer Bob Kafka stated so well, "although there's been a lot said and written about how people with disabilities can individually become more empowered, there's been very little said about how the delivery system itself can become more empowering for people with disabilities."

The Alternative Housing Group is challenging that system. Led by people who have significant support needs, The Alternative Housing Group get direction from people who are themselves forced to live in housing that limits their independence.

The Alternative Housing Group is working to create an innovative opportunity for people with disabilities in Connecticut through access to
Personal Managers. Unlike the traditional support networks that impose a uniform system on everyone, a Personal Manager acknowledges that the individual is the one best suited to design his or her support system, and should there be the guiding voice in shaping it.

Members of the Alternative Housing Group are also taking a leadership role in Connecticut's Olmstead Coalition. The Coalition is working on the state's response to the recent Supreme Court Olmstead decision that asserts the rights of people with disabilities to live in the broader community.

The Alternative Housing Group meets every other month, usually in Hartford.

Transportation and other accommodations are available upon request.

For further information, or to join the Alternative Housing Group, contact Cathy Ludlum at (860) 649-7110. 

Alternative Housing

Phone: 860-724-4940

Fax: 860-724-7102


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